Delivery outside of The Netherlands

15 Jun 2018
Recently, we have been receiving a significant amount of questions as to ordering outside of The Netherlands. In this post we aim to provide you with all the information you need to order on Elektrobode.


Shipping and delivery times

We are currently only shipping to countries within Europe. This is not applicable to every product though; some items  listed on the web shop can only be sent within the Netherlands this is to prevent high shipping (and import) costs, since some items are simply too large. Please contact us to learn which product is available for EU shipping and which are not.

When you are on a product page you can either see a green or grey highlighted area of text. If the text is highlighted in green, it means that the product can be sent out between 1/3 working days and if the text is highlighted in grey it means it can take between 1/2 weeks for it to be sent out.

Since our web shop is primarily based on people living in The Netherlands, the shipping price you will see at the check out page is not accurate. Please contact our support team to get the accurate shipping costs (

Filling in the shipping form

Down below you can see a picture of the correct way to enter your information.



Due to the weight of every item being different we cannot provide a list that can be applied to every item. Please contact us so we can check what the cost would be for the item that you would like to buy.